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"Student Program" - take your chance of a lifetime!

This all year round program, very successful for years, gives two young people at the time the chance to live with us in Sonoita on a three month basis at our Dressage facility.

a cozy little bunkhouse right next to the barn,
 fully equipped with 2 bedrooms, bath and kitchen,
satellite TV and swimming pool at the main house.
Every evening a home-made family dinner with
Scarlett & Guy.

A car for sightseeing and shopping tours on days off with plenty of opportunities to explore our beautiful country. The experience of the “Wild West” and its tradition by visiting for example legendary Tombstone or a local Rodeo.

A one week vacation for a trip through entire Arizona all the way up to the “must see” Grand Canyon.

The opportunity to meet new friends and practice the English language.

Daily riding on top quality horses, participation at horse shows and clinics, learning how to give lessons in English.

Exiting Arizona, nearby Mexico and wonderful horses are waiting!

• have a drivers license and health insurance
• are willing to work with joy around horses
• are able to speak and understand English
• have enough confidence and experience to take care of valuable horses
• are responsible, independent and able to work in a team
• and last but not least, if you are able to commit for 3 months (90 days)

Most of our students become “family” and some are back for a second or third time.

Take your chance of a lifetime and call or mail Scarlett for more info!
(you communicate in German if you like)

More fotos of our over 70 students in
the last 10 years you find on Picasa